Parallel Lines


Dynasty Drumline

The Dynasty Drumline is available for shows/clinics and can up to 20+ performers if needed. Steeped in the American Drumline tradition, with a unique Australian flavour. Click here for more!

Drum Dynasty Logo.jpg

Cool Brew Trio

The Cool Brew Trio brings an element of class to any event and audiences will always receive a unique and genuine experience. The trio can be expanded to a bigger ensemble if required.


Dynasty Showband

This is a fun and exciting band for all of your entertainment needs. With no amplification required, Dynasty Showband can provide roving entertainment for outdoor events or even stationary on a main stage. Click here for more!



The marimba's warm tones blend beautifully with familiar melodies on the clarinet. This is a fun project that I get to work with my talented wife on. The duo is perfect for relaxing cocktail events or even wedding ceremonies. 

Playing the Marimba