Lesson Information

For those of you interested in percussion private tuition. Luke offers lessons over Zoom and In-Person. Here is some basic information if you are getting started with Drum Kit Lessons or Percussion Lessons. 

Drum & Symbol
Drum & Symbol

Drum Kit

It is highly recommend that the student starts with owning his/her own drum kit. A minimum of a 5-piece kit is recommended with a ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and hi-hats so he/she can participate in examinations. Acoustic kits are always going to be the best choices but electronic kits are acceptable if volume and space is an issue. Please contact Luke first to discuss which kits will work the best for developing technique. The student must also own a metronome.

Some books to purchase include:

Drum Sessions (Books 1 & 2) by Peter O'Gorman

The Essential Guide to Reading Rhythm by Bill Kezelos

Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer by Jim Riley

Playing the Marimba

Percussion Lessons

If the student is participating in a school band program. It is highly recommended that he/she takes Percussion Lessons. These lessons include Keyboard Percussion, Snare Drum, Timpani, and much more. It is also recommended that the student purchases a percussion packs that include a snare drum and student glockenspiel. These can be purchased from Optimum Percussion. If the student is in high school, it is recommended that he/she also purchases my Luke Thatcher Pro Mallet Pack (also available from Optimum Percussion). This pack includes mallets and sticks the student will need for their band program. The student must also own a metronome.

Some books to purchased include: 

The Snare Drummer's Toolbox by Row-Loff Productions

The Mallet Player's Toolbox by Row-Loff Productions

The Essential Guide to Reading Rhythm by Bill Kezelos

(There will be many more books/pieces recommended as the student progresses)

Playing the Marimba